Does your square face make it confusing for you to find an ideal pair of sunglasses for yourself? If yes, do not worry anymore as you have got plenty of options. The diverse sunglasses world offers the most amazing options regardless of your face shape. However, the IDEE team understands your confusion quite well, as we know how significant it is for you that your shades suit your face, personality, and functional needs aptly. So, please do not feel alone in the journey of finding the most suitable sunglasses for square face as we have got your back.

The journey of buying sunglasses can be either fun or confusing. It all depends on your knowledge. Therefore, to make it more fun and less overwhelming, stay well-informed before purchasing. The first step is to know whether you have a square face or not. After this, you can move on to learning what sunglass shapes are the best for square faces. But where can you learn all this? Fortunately, you are at the right place, as this blog will help you with this knowledge and power up your sunglasses online purchase journey.

Do you have a Square face?

Before jumping into how to buy sunglasses for square face, you must ensure that your face is square-shaped. Determining your face shape is not easy as you might have features of different face shapes. Such a combination can confuse you between two or more shapes. To get rid of this confusion, it is important to know the primary characteristics of square faces. Some of the most prominent features of these faces include- 

  • Horizontal, angular jaw
  • Wide cheekbones
  • Cheekbones parallel to the jaw
  • Flat and square chin
  • Wide Hairline
  • Broad forehead

If your face elements match closely to the above-listed features, you can be assured that you have a square face. However, to double check, you can follow the below given steps with a measuring tape. 

  • Take a horizontal measurement of your face with the tape from one ear to another. 
  • Now, take a vertical measurement of your face from your forehead to your chin.

If both these measurements are approximately the same, your face is not round. It is more angular, and most probably, you have a square face. These faces have angular and bold features. Square faces have wide foreheads from side to side with non-angled cheeks. After confirming your face shape, move on to the next part of this blog, which will help you know about the best men's and women sunglasses suitable for square faces.

What are the best Sunglasses for Square face?

Several sunglasses complement the beauty of a square face. But before we jump into the list of all these sunglasses let's take a look at what factors help determine if a sunglasses is suitable for your square face. 

  • Frame shape- One of the most prominent factors is to find a suitable sunglass shape for square face. Our team suggests you opt for frames with softer edges to balance the sharpness of your face. 
  • Frame size- Another aspect to look for is the size of the glasses you choose. Usually, it is advisable to avoid smaller frames as they make your face look bigger. It would be best if you also avoided oversized glasses. The best option is to opt for frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones. 
  • Frame material- To add softness to your face, choose lightweight frame materials like plastic and acetate. People with these faces are usually advised to avoid heavy frame materials like metal.

As you are now equipped with the knowledge of what to look for in a suitable sunglasses pair for your square face, continue reading below to learn about the most popular sunglasses for men and women owning square faces.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Yes, do not worry; you can definitely buy your favourite cat eye sunglasses if you have a square face. Renowned for their unique upswept edges, these shades suit every face shape. The sharp, upswept edges of these glasses will perfectly counterbalance your wide jaw. One of the main advantages of these shades is that they complement the angular features of your square faces while highlighting your cheekbones. The bottom half of the cat eye sunglasses follows the cheeks upwards. The high coverage of these glasses allows them to offer high protection from the sun. 

Top picks from IDEE- 

Round Sunglasses

Another option for your square face by the IDEE Eyewear in this list is round sunglasses. Sharp edges of your face are best balanced with some curves and the circular shape of the round sunglasses is the best to do this. The contrast achieved between the sharp lines of your face and the soft lines of the round shades will embrace your natural features. Round sunglasses are available in varying styles, shapes, and sizes. So, find your pick! The several options for these shades make it easier for you to choose a pair that matches your style. You can go with frames or frameless. It completely depends on your style preferences. For example, if you wish to go classic with your shades, choose thin metal frames.

Top picks from IDEE

Flier Sunglasses

Next on the list of best sunglasses for square face is the flier sunglasses. Just like the round shades, these are also loved by square-face owners for their curves. The subtle teardrop shape of these flattering glasses will surely enhance the beauty of your sharp facial lines. A pleasing harmony will be created between the curves of the fliers and the angle of your square face. In addition to this, the narrow half of the teardrop shape will point to the cheekbones and highlight them as a prominent feature of your square face.

Top picks from IDEE- 

Oversized Sunglasses

Moving forward in this list by the IDEE sunglasses experts, we come across oversized shades. If you have a square face, you must have a broad forehead and a wide hairline. If you do, try on the oversized sunglasses that will balance them both without overpowering the natural beauty of your face. These glasses will serve as the exclamation point for your eyes and face and draw all the attention towards the top half. Also, these sunglasses embrace the most prominent feature of your square face- jawline, by adding a touch of equilibrium.

Top picks from IDEE

Geometric Sunglasses

It's not all about curves! Yes, if you are a geometric design fan and have not seen something relatable in the list till now, do not get disappointed, as the style you are searching for is here now. From hexagonal to pentagonal, you can try on sunglasses of any geometric shape. The sharp angles of these shades will offer your square face a bold look. Their geometry does not overpower the geometry of your face. Instead, they embrace it and draw attention to the distinctive geometry of your square face.

Top picks from IDEE- 

Conclusion- Choose the one that makes you smile!

Finding a suitable pair of sunglasses for yourself can be a bit challenging if you do not have an idea of what you are looking for. The diverse world of sunglasses will offer you several options to choose from. So, if you are looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for square face, use this guide as your companion for your purchase journey. Also, no matter which style you choose, explore IDEE Eyewear to find the best of it.

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March 12, 2024 — Media Team