Are the scratches on your favourite pair of sunglasses causing irritation and are you tired of squinting through them to see through? At IDEE we understand this feeling all too well - the last resort may seem to be discarding your shades as soon as they develop even minor imperfections - however that's simply not the case. Our team has got an answer if that's how it seems for you! Learn how to remove scratches from sunglasses effectively using several home remedies and expert remedies.

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring your shades maintain their sparkling appearance for years. Using the right products for cleaning them and treating them gently is significant. Also, storing them in their case when not in use is another important step to ensure their superior appearance and functionality. Maintaining the sparkle of your shades is itself a task. However, even if you strive to protect them from scratches, they might get damaged. These scratches will not only affect the appearance of your shades but will also not allow you to see through your shades clearly. Therefore, they are not mere cosmetic flaws. Instead, these fine lines degrade the functionality of your shades.

As always, when it's about eyewear, the IDEE team has got your back, and we are not going to leave you alone with this, too. If you have scratched sunglasses, this post is a must-read for you. It will unveil the best ways on how to remove scratches from sunglasses. So, start reading below and bring back the sparkle of your favourite pair of shades.

How to Remove Scratches from Sunglasses?

Scratches on your sunglasses can never be good news. Discarding your favourite pair and buying a new one is not easy, and we understand your pain very well. The IDEE Eyewear team has listed below some of the most effective hacks to remove these scratches. So, start reading.

Baking Soda

No, you do not have to rub baking soda on your precious glasses; the hack is quite different. Combine 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with water to achieve a paste-like texture. This hack is quite feasible as both these ingredients are easily available at your home. You have to mix baking soda in water. Start by using a microfibre cloth to clean your sunglasses. Now, cover the entire lens with the paste you have formed. You must be careful that the baking soda paste does not touch the frame. Now clean the lens with optimal pressure. When you completely clean the glasses, they will be scratch-free and clean. You can also mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol with the baking soda paste. 

Liquid Dishwashing Soap

Liquid dishwashing soap might seem strange as an effective home remedy to remove scratches from sunglasses; but, believe it or not, liquid dishwashing detergent is one of the many effective home remedies here for eliminating them. Choose high-grade dishwashing liquid and apply some to scratched glasses; afterward use warm water to rinse them and let the shades air-dry for some time after cleaning with the solution. After complete drying, choose a gentle sunglasses cleaning cloth to clean the glasses. This home remedy might remove minor scratches from the lenses. You can also mix water and dishwashing soap and fill the solution in a spray bottle to quickly clean your sunglasses to prevent scratches.


In addition to your teeth and smile, toothpaste is also useful for your sunglasses and makes your eyes smile. Yes, toothpaste can be used to bring back the sparkle of your sunglasses. Take a small amount of toothpaste, massage it gently between your fingers and then apply it to the lenses. Now, use a gentle sunglasses cleaning cloth and wipe your shades. This method might help you remove some casual scratches and bring back the scratch-free glamour of your sunglasses. However, if the scratches are deeper, it might not work for you. 


Another way to remove scratches from your sunglasses is using vinegar which is yet another product easily available in any household. The versatile vinegar can help you remove scratches from your sunglasses quite effortlessly and it can be used for removing regular scratches. However, use this remedy only when you have plastic frames in your sunglasses. Mix baking soda with vinegar and apply it to the glasses. Clean it with a clean cloth to make your glasses scratch-free, transparent and brighter.

Silver or Brass Polish 

Next on the list of ways on how to remove scratches from sunglasses is using a silver or brass polish method. You must use this method only when your shades have hard scratches. Silver or Brass polish can be used to eliminate such tough scratches and can even be used to remove debris from your glasses. Apply the polish to the glasses and use a soft cloth to rub it on the lens until you do not feel scratches on them. One significant tip you need for this home remedy is to ensure the polish you use is acetone-free. If you use polish with acetone, it might damage the frame of your shades.

You cannot always rely on these remedies completely, and we suggest you try only one of them once. If the home remedies do not work, choose any of the expert remedies listed in the next section of this guide.

Expert Remedies

Scratch Removal Kit

Several brands for eyewear care offer scratch removal kits. These kits can be your reliable companion to get rid of the scratches. If you do not find home remedies helpful, you must buy a scratch-removal kit from a reliable brand. You can consult an optician to suggest an effective and trusted one. They will give you the best suggestions backed by their experience. Scratch removal kits fill the deep scratches. 

Glasses Cleaning Spray

Another common expert remedy in this guide on how to remove scratches from sunglasses is using a glasses cleaning spray that you use for your digital screens like TV or laptop screens. These sprays leave the glasses crystal clear. Glasses cleaning sprays are gentle on the glasses yet effective. When used for minor scratches, they will leave your sunglasses streak-free and clean. Just sprinkle it on your glasses and wipe it using a gentle cloth or a microfibre cloth. It would be best if you chose a gentle and ammonia-free glasses cleaning spray. 

Lens Replacement

The ultimate way to get rid of the scratches from your sunglasses is to get the glasses replaced. Yes, you can get the lenses replaced instead of buying a whole new pair. However, you must get the lenses replaced by the manufacturer or an authorised optical shop. Replacing the lenses will make them as good as new again with the same sparkle. 

In a Nutshell

We hope you found an appropriate answer to the ultimate question- How to remove scratches from sunglasses? Maintaining the allure of your sunglasses is important for you, and we understand this. If you have scratches on your sunglasses, remember that using home remedies will only offer you temporary solutions. For a more reliable and permanent solution, choose to get the lenses replaced.

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