In a world ruled by fashion, shades are no longer just about shielding your eyes from the relentless sunlight. They have now become a fashion statement reflecting your testament to style and personality. It is why you need to know about the best sunglasses brands in India to find a pair that your eyes deserve. The fashion-influenced era offers you several options when it comes to the styles of sunglasses. But it also offers an overwhelming number of brands, each claiming to be the best, making your purchase journey much more challenging and confusing than it might seem. 

Trusting a brand is not easy when it's about buying a pair of sunglasses, as they are the extension of your personality. From quality and style to whether a pair is complementing your face shape or not, there are several points to be ticked in your purchase checklist. But not all brands will allow you to do so. It is when your quest for an ideal sunglasses pair will encourage you to explore only the top brands. If you are searching for a new addition to your shades collection that not only enhances your style but also offers the protection your eyes need, explore the leading top sunglass brands in India listed in this post.

10 Best Sunglasses Brands in India

S. No  Top Sunglass Brands
1 Idee Eyewear
2 RAY-Ban
4 Fastrack
5 Oakley
6 Image
7 Tom Ford
8 Carrera
9 Police
10 Guess


IDEE Eyewear

IDEE Eyewear is undoubtedly the best sunglasses brand in India. With an aim to deliver a pair of shades that celebrates self-expression, this brand started its journey in 2000. Since its inception, IDEE has significantly focused on the needs of the present generation. As a result, their sunglasses collection not only stays updated with the changing fashion trends but also complements the comfort needs of the wearers. Its collection is a combination of sunglasses ranging from classic designs to unique, youthful international styles. Also, IDEE's sunglasses are available in varying frame shapes, sizes and colours to ensure that every buyer gets exactly what they are looking for. They offer lightweight and sturdy frames, ensuring high quality and comfort. Additionally, the brand's sunglasses offer superior UV protection, appropriately serving the practical purpose of shades. 


Ray-Ban is a classic name that can never be left out when listing the best brands for sunglasses in India. It has managed to make a mark in the fashionable eyewear industry with its club masters, wayfarers and aviators. Whether it is about style or quality, the brand has always stood out amongst the crowd. Their sturdy and bendable frames make their sunglasses unique and durable. Another feature of their collection is versatility. Ray-Ban offers classic designs as well as trendy styles to cater to buyers from varying age sections.


IRUS is another sunglasses brand that has managed to make its position in the list of the best sunglasses brands in India within a limited time. It primarily focuses on trendy sunglasses that complement the style of the young generation. With its stylish shades, IRUS aims to make each one of its customers a trendsetter. It presents sunglasses with bold shades and unique frame designs at affordable prices. Such features of this brand make it one of the most preferred choices for sunglasses in India. IRUS shades perfectly blend bold style and chic elegance, offering something suitable for every pair of eyes.


Another leading sunglasses brand in India is Fastrack. Yes, you read it right. In addition to trendy watches, the brand also presents the most high-quality and stylish eyewear range. By offering a perfect blend of affordability, style and comfort, this brand has made it to the list of top shades brands in India. Its sunglasses are also appreciated for the level of UV protection they offer to act as a shield from the harmful sun rays while maintaining your style. Fastrack promises to contribute to enhancing your style with its premium quality sunglasses that deliver the right amount of function and flair. 


Next on the list of popular brands for sunglasses in India is Oakley. It has been on the top brands' list for quite some time now due to its trendy range of sunglasses for women and men. A unique feature of its shades is that they are made with a combination of technological and sporty approaches. As a result, Oakley sunglasses are one of the first choices of sports enthusiasts and athletes. These shades serve functional as well as style requirements adequately. The brand offers lightweight frames with an impact resistance feature that prevents eyes from stress. 


Another chic eyewear brand to buy sunglasses for men and women is Escada. It presents a spectacular range of shades with cutting-edge designs that are sure to lure in any young buyer. Although style and design are two of the most appreciable features of its sunglasses, they are also lauded for their functionality and durability. Escada’s sunglasses offer excellent UV protection while offering an urban and mature look. Every product of this brand underlines refinement and sophistication.

Tom Ford

If premium style and fashion are two of the major factors you look for in a pair of sunglasses, you must explore the trendy range of Tom Ford. The brand presents the most luxurious sunglasses designs that not only enhance your style but also complement your face shape. Tom Ford uses either metal or acetate to manufacture its frame, ensuring long durability. These frame materials also offer a luxurious look to the sunglasses. Cat-eye, wraparound and aviator are some of the most common frame styles of Tom Ford. The brand also presents large square-shaped frames, offering a VIP look. 


Since its inception in the 50s, Carrera has managed to build a reliable reputation in the eyewear industry. It is renowned for its classic oversized frames that offer a touch of retro charm to your look. One of the characteristic features of its sunglasses is its bold frames in distinctive shapes and sizes. Its collection is a combination of square, wayfarer, oversized and aviator frames. Unique design is not the only aspect that makes this brand so popular. It is also known for offering sunglasses that offer a significant shield from harmful UVB and UVA rays. Another feature of Carrera sunglasses is that they contain polarized lenses that enhance visual clarity by reducing glare.


You must consider exploring the stylish sunglasses range of Police if you are on the hunt for the best pair of shades for outdoor activities like skiing, driving, beach trips and fishing. One of the key features of this brand's sunglasses range is that they offer a unique blend of style, comfort and durability. In addition to this, these lenses also significantly contribute to protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. Police is highly recognised for its contribution to the style world. 


Another addition to this list of top 10 sunglasses brands in India is Guess. Although the shades of this brand are much higher than other brands in this list when it comes to price, leaving it out is not an option. From various frame styles and sizes to 100% UV protection, the features of this brand's sunglasses are limitless. Guess is the best label for fashion-conscious individuals to gift themselves a pair of sunglasses that not only protect their eyes but also enhance their style. It offers a vast collection of some of the trendiest frame styles like wayfarer, aviator and cat-eye.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for yourself is much more than a fashion choice. So, make your choice wisely to purchase sunglasses that will ideally reflect your personality while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you are looking for the best sunglasses brands in India, explore the trendy range by IDEE Eyewear, Image and IRUS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which glass is better for sunglasses?

Glasses with polarized lenses are the best for sunglasses as these lenses prevent light reflection from surfaces from reaching the eyes, reducing glare.

Which colour sunglasses are the best?

The best colour for sunglasses depends on their purpose. For example, if you need sunglasses for driving and outdoor sports, you must go with grey-tinted glasses. On the other hand, for precision sports like Golf, green-tinted sunglasses are suggested. 

What is the most luxurious sunglasses brand?

IDEE Eyewear is one of the most luxurious sunglasses brands that offers trendy and high-quality sunglasses at affordable prices.

Is wearing sunglasses all the time good?

Wearing sunglasses all the time is not good for your eye health. Constantly keeping them on results in your eyes missing some crucial wavelengths that contribute to healthy eyes. Therefore, wearing them all the time is not good. 

What colour sunglasses look the best?

The colour of the frame of your sunglasses is entirely your choice, and you can wear whatever colour you like. However, you must choose them carefully by evaluating factors like at what time of the day you are wearing them and for what purpose you are wearing them.