Every face shape is beautiful, and so is an oval face. These faces are appreciated for their balanced proportions. Oval face are also known for their gentle and beautiful contours. The main characteristics of these faces are their wider cheekbones and tapering jawline. Such features provide a pleasing symmetry to these faces. The beauty of the oval shape lies in its adaptability. It acts as a versatile canvas for varying hairstyles. However, what about glasses for oval face? Are there any specific eyeglass styles that best suit these faces? Yes, there definitely are some perfect picks for these faces. 

When selecting the best glasses for oval face, your aim must be to maintain its natural balance. Look for eyeglasses that enhance your features. Buying glasses is a crucial decision. Wearing them daily for most part of the day can be irritating. However, buying the right pair of glasses will be fun for you. That is why you must look for the best glasses for your eyes that will elevate the beauty of your oval face. The versatility of oval faces allows you to pick from numerous options. From angular to curvy, all frames complement these faces. However, there are certain options that work better than the others. 

If you are curious to know about the best glasses for oval face, continue reading this blog. It will unveil the most suitable options. However, you must first confirm that you have an oval face. So, how will you do that? Do not worry; we have got you covered. This blog will first help you identify if your face is actually oval or not. 

Do You Have an Oval Face?

When you start your eyeglasses purchase journey, it is essential to confirm your face shape. Do not believe what people say or you feel. Your face shape might not be what you think it to be. So, the best way is to confirm it before you make any mistake. But how? How can you know if you have an oval face? The first step to know whether you have an oval face or not is to know about this face shape. 

An oval face usually has a length twice its width. These faces are generally slightly narrow at the chin and forehead. Also, the width of their forehead matches the width of their jaw or the widest cheekbones. 

As you now know what are the characteristics of an oval face, start measuring your faces. For this, you will need the following-

  • A mirror
  • A ruler or measuring tape
  • A dry-erase marker

Now, stand in front of the mirror with a dry-erase marker to make a face outline. Now, use a ruler over this outline to measure the line along the height of your face and then the width of your forehead, jawline and cheekbones. Compare the width measurements to the length measurements. If the length is almost twice the width, you have an oval face. 

Best Glasses for Oval Face

Now, let's come back to the main aim of this post. Yes, it's time to unveil the best eye glasses frames for men and women with an oval face. Below are the best options, so start reading. 

Square Eyeglasses

The most classic option for an oval face is the square eyeglasses. The suitability of square frames for an oval face can be explained quite simply. The angular edges of these frames counterbalance the soft curves of an oval face. The perfect balance achieved between these two elevates the beauty of your face. The contrasting proportion of your oval face will perfectly counterbalance these equally proportioned frames. 

Top Square Glasses by IDEE

Rectangle Eyeglasses

Next on the list of best eye glass frames for women and men with an oval face are the rectangle frames. These are the most popular choice of oval-faced individuals. The reason behind the suitability of these glasses is the same as that of the square frames. They create a perfect balance with the soft features of an oval face. Rectangular frames have angular edges that look best with curvy face features. Also, these frames are wider than they are long. So, they counterbalance the proportion of an oval face which is longer than its wider. These glasses perfectly accentuate your curvy face and its length. 

Top Rectangle Glasses by IDEE

Flier Eyeglasses

Moving forward on this list, we would like to introduce you to the flier eyeglasses. These are the next best option for people with an oval face. Men and women both popularly choose this style for their eyeglasses. These eyeglasses pair perfectly with an oval face. These glasses have a teardrop shape that brings attention to your cheekbone, the most prominent feature of oval faces. Also, they have a straight browline that offers a contrast to your face’s curvy features. 

Top Flier Glasses by IDEE

Round Eyeglasses

People usually believe that curvy eyeglasses are not meant for curvy faces. But is this really true? For oval faces, it is definitely untrue. Oval faces and round eyeglasses make one of the best pairs. The curvy edges of round glasses are completely different from the curves of an oval face. Round glasses have circular edges, while oval faces have oblong curves. So, both these edges work together to enhance the beauty of your face. 

Top Round Glasses by IDEE

Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

No no, we did not miss to include your favorite cat-eye glasses. If you have an oval face you can definitely buy the trendy cat-eye glasses. Their upswept shape blends beautifully with an oval face. Also, their unique shape draws attention to your cheekbone and enhances its beauty while complementing your face’s length. 

Top Cat-Eye Glasses by IDEE

Geometric Eyeglasses

Reading above must have made you realize that the beauty of an oval face is highly accentuated by angular frames. So, what are the frames with the most angular edges? Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about geometric eyeglasses. These include pentagonal, hexagonal and even triangular glasses. 

Top Geometric Glasses by IDEE

In a Nutshell

Buying eyeglasses can be tedious. However, making it fun is quite easy. All you need is a perfect guide to follow. This comprehensive guide is your ultimate shopping partner if you are looking for the most suitable glasses for oval face. The eyeglasses included in this blog from our collection are just a snippet of each style. Explore a pool of options on our website to find a perfect match for your oval face. Also, when you shop from IDEE, you will never need to worry about quality and durability as we offer only the best. So, shop today from our trendy collection and enjoy clear vision and better eye health.

May 20, 2024 — Media Team