Like every other face shape, square faces are applauded for their beautiful features. In fact, these facial shapes are known to exude confidence and strength. Their strong jawline and broad forehead make them a canvas for adorning various styles of accessories. So, if you have a square face, do not forget to embrace its beauty. You must recognize and appreciate its unique appeal. Square face allows you to access endless opportunities when it comes to accessorizing. It is no different with eye glasses for square face. You have numerous options to choose from due to the distinctive features of square faces. 

The stunning and unique features of square faces open a diverse world of eyeglasses styles for them. You can find an array of options to complement your square face. From round frames to oversized frames, the choices are endless. However, you must know about the styles that will suit your face the best. Eyeglasses are not just an accessory you wear occasionally. They sit on your face every day for a major part of your day. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right pair as it impacts your overall appearance. The right frames will highlight the most beautiful features of your face and create a balanced and harmonious look. On the other hand, ill-fitting eyeglasses can overpower your face and create an unbalanced look. So, it is crucial you buy only the best eye glasses for square face

In addition to aesthetics, the right pair of glasses for square face will also boost your confidence and comfort. So, if you wish to feel confident inside and out, picking the most suitable pair of eyeglasses for your square face is the first step. But how will you find such a pair? Do not worry, as the IDEE team has covered you. This blog will introduce you to the best styles of eyeglasses for your square face. However, before you dive into these styles, you must confirm if your face is square or not. So, start reading below to learn more.

How to Know if you Have a Square Face?

The best way to find out your face shape is by comparing your face’s length and width. For this, you must measure your face’s length and width by following the steps below. 

  • Measure your face from the center of your hairline to your chin’s bottom. Use a ruler for this and the measurement received will be the length of your face. 
  • Now, use the ruler to measure the width of your face. 
  • Use the ruler to measure the jaw width by measuring the widest point of your face and cheekbones by measuring across each cheek. 

Now, you are equipped with all the measurements you need to know your face shape. For this, you must know about the specific characteristics of different face shapes. If you doubt that you have a square face, you must know about its traits. 

A square face has straight sides. It has a jawline slightly angled with a minimal curve. Just like a square’s proportions, square faces are nearly as wide as they are long. So, if your measurements of length and width come out to be almost the same through the above process, you must know that you have a square face. Also, the bone structure of your face will be angular and sharp, with a sharp jawline. 

Now that you know that you have a square face, move on to the next section of this blog that will introduce you to the best eye glasses for square face.

Best Eye Glasses for Square Face

Square faces are known for their versatility. Although you can pick any style you like, there are certain styles that suit square faces more than others. These styles are as follows.

Oval Eyeglasses

The most popular choice for people with square faces is an oval eyeglass. These eyeglasses best suit the contours of a square face. The unique shape of these glasses helps elongate your face by providing it more length. The round edges at the top and bottom of these frames make them a flattering choice for all those square-faced people who wish to soften their features. However, it is crucial to understand that there is no universal size guide for oval frames. They are available in different proportions. Therefore, some might be longer than others. In most cases, smaller ovals look subtle. But do not stop yourself from trying, as you never know. It might be vice versa for your face, and longer ovals might be more suitable for you. Also, if you wish for a bold look, choose big oval frames. 

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Round Eyeglasses

Another name in the list of the most suitable glasses for square face is round eyeglasses. These frames are a great option to add some soft, round edges to your face. Such edges offer a definition of square faces. They are the most versatile choice for both men and women. Another advantage of these frames is that they are available in a number of design and size options. So, you can pick the one that suits your face and design preferences. 

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Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

The next classic style in this list is the cat-eye eyeglasses. These are the frames that never go out of style. They are flattering for many face shapes and square faces are one of these shapes. Cat-eye glasses have a slight upward curve at the outer edges. These curves provide these glasses a distinctive look that makes them stand out from other frames that you see. If making a bold fashion statement is your aim, cat-eye glasses are the right choice for you. 

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Flier Eyeglasses

Craving for a classic look? Try flier eyeglasses on your square face. These frames are the perfect pick to soften your sharp face angles and make it appear less boxy and more balanced. This unique style suit square faces the best.

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Which Eye Glasses Look Worse on Square Faces?

Reading the previous sections must have introduced you to the frames that look best on square faces. However, this is not enough, as you must also know about the frames that will not suit your square face. Below are such frames that you must avoid if you have a square face. 

Square Eyeglasses

The square on the square does not make a good pair. So, it is better to avoid square eyeglasses if you have a square face. These frames can be unflattering for your angular face as they accentuate your jawline, making your chin look wider. 

Rectangle Eyeglasses

Another unflattering eyeglasses choice for square faces are the rectangular frames. These eyeglasses make square faces appear longer than they are. They draw the attention to your chiseled cheekbones instead of disguising them. 

Oversized Eyeglasses

Next on the list of eyeglasses that do not fit square faces are oversized eyeglasses. These glasses can be used if you have large eyes. However, you must avoid them if not. 

Geometric Eyeglasses

Geometric eyeglasses have multiple angular edges. These edges are not good for your already angular face. If you wear a geometric frame, its lines will run parallel to your angular features. This will draw more attention to your face’s sharp lines. 

To Wrap Up

You are now ready to amp up your look and get rid of your daily wear of boring eyeglasses. This guide will make it much easier for you to enjoy wearing your eyeglasses every day, as they will now enhance your look instead of degrading it. So, choose your pair of the most suitable eye glasses for square face today to embrace the beauty of your strong facial features. IDEE Eyewear offers the best styles of eyeglasses for a square face, which are a perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality. So, shop today!