The youthful and soft appearance of round faces makes them the most loved face shape. Full cheeks, equal length and width, a rounded chin, and a friendly approach characterize them. These faces are undeniably beautiful as they reflect a natural symmetry and balance. Do you have a round face? If yes, you must be resonating with everything we are talking about. Round faces have the utmost charming features. However, what if you have to wear a pair of eyeglasses daily due to weak eyesight and hide your face’s beauty? Frustrating, right? Eyeglasses cover a significant part of your face. It is essential to choose the right pair of eye glasses for round face

You might believe in the myth that all eyeglasses disrupt your face’s beauty. However, we are here to bust this myth for once and for all. Eyeglasses can enhance your beauty instead of hiding it if you choose the right pair. The art you need to master here is picking an eyeglass style that best complements your face shape. Every face shape has specific style options in the eyewear world that suit it more than the others. It would help if you found such styles for your round face, and then you are good to go. These frames will enhance your overall look and your face’s beauty. 

Investing your time in finding the perfect glasses for round face is valuable. The ideal pair of eyeglasses for your round face will balance the soft contours and add a touch of sophistication and definition. By exploring the various styles, you can find the one that creates an attractive and harmonious overall appearance. The right pair will transform your face and enhance its natural beauty while offering confidence and comfort. But how will you find such frames? Read this blog to understand how to choose the best eyeglasses for your round face. It involves three main steps:

  • finding out if you have a round face
  • learning about the most suitable eyeglasses styles for round faces
  • knowing about the frames that are not suitable for round faces 

How to Know if you Have a Round Face?

Comparing your face’s length and width is the best way to confirm its shape. To do this, follow the steps below to measure your face’s length and width. 

  • To find your face’s length, measure your face from the center of your hairline to your chin’s bottom. You can use a ruler for this measurement.
  • Now, use the ruler to measure the width of your face. 
  • You must also measure your jaw’s width by measuring the widest point of your face and cheekbones by measuring across each cheek. 

You now have all the measurements you need to know your face shape. However, this is not enough. The next step is to learn about the specific traits of a round face. You can also explore other features of your face to confirm your appearance. 

A round face is similar to a square face but with softer angles. The sides of round faces are slightly curved outward instead of going straight. Also, round faces have rounded chins, cheekbones being the widest part of these faces. 

After learning the traits of a round face, move on to the next section of this guide that will introduce you to the best eye glasses for round face

Best Eye Glasses for Round Face

Finding the perfect frames for your eyeglasses can be tricky if you lack the right knowledge. Therefore, to help you up your fashion game, we have listed the frames that look best on round faces. 

Rectangle Eyeglasses

The first name in the list of the most suitable eye glasses for round face is rectangle eyeglasses. These frames and your round face will be as good as bread and butter. Rectangle frames have sharp angular edges. These edges perfectly counterbalance the gentle curves of your round face. Also, the width of these eyeglasses makes your face appear slimmer and longer. Rectangular glasses are widely popular. As a result, you get numerous options regarding colors and accents. 

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Square Eyeglasses

Next on the list are square eyeglasses. You can think of these eyeglasses as cousins of the rectangle frames. Square frames also have sharp edges with simple, straight lines and geometric corners. These features of the square eyeglasses balance your face's soft, natural features without overpowering them. Also, these frames make your face appear longer and slimmer. Square eyeglasses are not new to the eyewear world. You can explore numerous options in their colors and materials to embrace their vintage vibe. 

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Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

Yes, all the ladies reading this post must have been waiting for us to mention their favorite round face. Well, your wait ends here. If you have a round face, you can undoubtedly wear cat-eye eyeglasses. These frames blend perfectly with round faces. Their upswept corners will also offer a flattering lifting effect to your face and significantly fuller cheeks. These frames are also suitable for your round face as they highlight your eyes and browline. Cat-eye eyeglasses are a must-buy if you look forward to embracing a bold look. These vintage glasses for round face have stood the test of time and are here to stay in trend for much longer.  

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Flier Eyeglasses

Another option for people with round faces is flier eyeglasses. These are a preferred choice among men and women alike. The teardrop shape of these frames makes them a perfect companion for round faces. These frames highlight the gentle curves of round faces in an understated way. Our tip for you is to pick flier glasses with thin frames. This is because thick and bold frames can highlight your rounded features more than you want. 

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Geometric Eyeglasses

No, the list does not end yet. Geometric eyeglasses are another option for your round face. We have said from the start of this guide that round faces look best with angular frames. So, you must explore geometric frames like hexagonal and pentagonal, which have multiple angular edges and clear lines. 

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Which Eye Glasses Look Worse on Round Faces?

Reading above must have introduced you to the best eye glasses for round face. However, this guide has something more to offer. Yes, we will also introduce you to the styles you must avoid for your round face. 

Round Eyeglasses

You already have a round face; why add more circles to it? Yes, round eyeglasses on round faces are not a good combination. These frames will add more soft curves to your face, which already has enough. As a result, these frames will overpower your natural beauty. Also, they might make your face look shorter. 

Oval Eyeglasses

Another lousy option for round faces is the oval eyeglasses. The reasons these frames do not complement a round face are similar to those of round eyeglasses. Oval eyeglasses also have soft curves that can overpower your natural beauty. 

To Sum Up

Buying eyeglasses is an important decision as you must wear them daily most of the time. Therefore, take your time making a purchase. Instead, explore all your options to find the one that suits your face the best. We hope this guide offers the perfect inspiration to power up your purchasing journey. Although this is your go-to guide if you need clarification about the correct styles, feel free to explore other styles. Every face is unique. So, if you find an eyeglasses style other than the ones listed in this post, do not hesitate to adorn and flaunt them in style. IDEE Eyewear has the perfect collection of eye glasses for round face. So, explore our platform today to make wearing eyeglasses fun.
May 30, 2024 — Media Team