Do you often find yourself squinting against the harsh sunlight even after wearing a pair of sunglasses? Do your eyes long for a clearer and more comfortable view during the daytime? We know they do. Also, you are not alone in feeling the need for a pair of shades offering a clearer and anti-glare vision; several other individuals resonate with this. But has the eyewear world addressed this need? Fortunately, it has and in the most effective way. Yes, we are talking about the wonder of the eyewear landscape- polarized sunglasses. One of the many benefits of polarized sunglasses is that they offer you a clear and comfortable vision even when the sun is right above you.

In the diverse world of sunglasses, you will come across several types of shades. Every type has its unique features that might attract you to buy it and we don't stop you from experimenting. However, one tip we find necessary for us to share with you is that there are certain occasions for which you must only trust polarized sunglasses no matter what type of shades you opt for. Curious to know why we suggest so? Your curiosity will not be left unanswered. With this exclusive post, the IDEE team is here to introduce you to everything related to these sunglasses. 

Starting right from what are polarized sunglasses and their benefits to when you must wear them, this article consists of it all. Also, at the end of your reading you will be getting a list of the top polarized sunglasses from IDEE Eyewear. So, wait no more and start reading below.

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

You must have commonly heard the term polarized sunglasses. But do you know what they actually are? If not, don't worry; we will explain it to you. These sunglasses consist of special lenses that reduce the glare reflected from surfaces like snow, water, and glass. As a result, these sunglasses are very useful for enjoying a more comfortable and clearer view without being affected due to glare. 

The main idea behind polarized sunglasses is to offer the wearer a vision with reduced glare. It helps you to see through without squinting the eyes when light is reflected. When light reflects on reflective horizontal surfaces like water, glass, or snow, it scatters horizontally. This is known as glare which is significantly disturbing for the photoreceptors in your eyes. Glare affects rods, making it unable for you to see in darker conditions. It also affects cones that allow you to see colors. 

Glare can significantly affect your vision by making it harder for you to distinguish between colors, and sometimes it might even completely white out your vision. When your eyes come in contact with glare, your eyes react naturally to it and squint to protect rods and cones from excessive light exposure.

To prevent your eyes from glare, polarized lenses were created that counteract it. These lenses have a special chemical in them in a vertical pattern. This chemical can be applied between the two layers of the lens material or on the surface. The vertically oriented chemical blocks the horizontal glare, protecting your eyes from the reflected light beams and allowing you to see clearly. 

With a deep insight into what polarized sunglasses are and how they work, move on to the next part of this post to understand the many benefits of polarized sunglasses.

How to Know if a Sunglasses Pair is Polarized?

You can use any of the following tests to check if a sunglasses pair is polarized. 

Monitor Brightness Test

Wear sunglasses and look at a digital screen ( preferably a computer monitor). If the brightness of the monitor alters as you move your head from right to left, your shades are polarized. 

Driving Test

Another test is to wear them while driving on a sunny day. If you feel a noticeable glare reduction, your sunglasses have polarized lenses. 

Hazy Day Test 

If wearing sunglasses offers you a clear vision on a hazy day, they are polarized. These shades offer sharp and clear vision even during a hazy day. 

You can test your sunglasses for polarized lenses using these tests. However, if you are buying from IDEE, you can rest assured that we label every shade as polarized sunglasses if they have these specialized lenses.

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Reading about the polarized sunglasses in the above section must have introduced you to one of their most evident advantages- reduction of glare. But, their pros are not limited to just this. Yes, there are several others you must know about. We have listed and explained all of them below for your better understanding. 

Glare Reduction

One of the first and most significant benefits of polarized sunglasses is that they reduce glare caused by the reflection of light. As explained earlier in this post, when the light hits horizontal reflective surfaces, it reflects horizontal beams to your eyes. These horizontally oriented beams are known as glare, which is harmful to photoreceptors in your eyes. In response to this glare, your eyes naturally squint to protect the rods and cones. However, it can still cause temporary blindness and even severe headaches. It is where polarized sunglasses come to your rescue by preventing the horizontal beams from passing through them and coming into contact with your eyes in the first place. These glasses only allow vertical light to pass through as their vertical light filters block horizontal light, reducing glare significantly. 

Increases Vision Clarity

Another advantage of polarized shades is that they allow you to see everything clearly. When you wear these glasses, they significantly enhance vision sharpness and increase color contrast while decreasing color distortion. With sharpness, we refer to visual acuity, which plays a crucial role in allowing you to see clearly into longer distances. Polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance visual acuity to help you see clearly. It also allows you to distinguish between different colors clearly. Unlike other lenses, polarized lenses are able to follow all colors at the same time, minimizing color distortion. This helps you to identify clearly where an object begins and ends. 

Minimizes Eye Strain

Continuous squinting due to glare can cause several issues like burning sensation, drying, watery eyes, reduced concentrations, double vision, headache, sore neck and shoulders, and blurred vision. But, when you wear polarized sunglasses, you will no longer be facing these issues. By blocking glare and enhancing visual acuity, polarized sunglasses reduce these symptoms of eyestrain.

Helps you See into the water

Water is one of the many surfaces that causes glare. When you are enjoying water activities like fishing or boating, you might not be able to see clearly into the water due to sunlight reflection. But what if we told you that just by replacing your ordinary lenses with polarized ones, your water activities can be made much more fun? Yes, polarized glasses will block any reflection from the water and allow you to see clearly into the water. This will make your water activities and sports more fun and comfortable. 

Adds to your Style

Yes, you might be thinking that polarized lenses must be very practical looking and might disrupt your style. But, it's the opposite. These lenses are available in various tints that add to your style. Polarized glasses are available not only in the frames of your choice but also in varying lens tints like brown, pink, blue, gray, and yellow. So, you can choose the one that suits your style preferences while still ensuring remarkable functionality. 

We know you are fascinated by the benefits of polarized sunglasses. But, they are suitable for only certain times of the day or occasions. The next part will introduce you to these times and also when you must not wear them. 

When Should You Wear Polarized Sunglasses?

When to Wear?

Following are some instances when you must wear a polarized pair of sunglasses. These are mostly activities done outdoors when sunlight causes glare, disrupting your vision. 

  • Sun Tanning
  • Daytime Driving
  • Hiking
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Beach Lounging
  • Fishing
  • Golfing

When Not to Wear?

There are certain times when wearing polarized sunglasses is not suggested, as they might block too much light and can disrupt a significant amount of your vision. These instances include- 

  • Night Driving
  • Watching an LCD Screen

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In Conclusion

Buying and wearing top-quality polarized sunglasses will offer you several advantages. From making your vision clearer to preventing your eye health, these sunglasses are significant in various ways. So, buy the best pair for yourself today from IDEE Eyewear and enjoy the amazing benefits of polarized sunglasses.

April 04, 2024 — Media Team