The summer season has finally ended. This not only turns one’s smile upside down but replaces it with reasons to welcome a cold and enjoyable winter. The summer season is well known for its funky and distinctive style-drobe. Not to forget the never-ending list of eye-catching accessories that add glamour to your OOTD.

Be it any weather, accessories never fail to ensure your style goes the extra way. People of all ages do all they can to ensure their style-drobe stays ahead of the competition and can catch attention with ease. Of the many accessories available, the best sunglasses steal the spotlight, just like a cherry on top of a cake. But, the real question is- why just sunglasses and not any other accessory?


Sunglasses- Decoding its Popularity

A good pair of quality sunglasses for men does a lot more than just elevate your overall attire. They don’t just help with protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. They ensure your eyes stay healthy and damage-free at all times.

Even though these weren’t considered essential until now, multiple brands are entering the market leaving no reason for you not to invest in them. Offering unique and interesting designs they ensure you look confident and carry your style with full confidence.

Another reason why individuals go gaga over these pairs is its versatility. From stylish aviators, and cat-eyes, to wayfarers, you ought to be spoilt for choice with so many options kept before you. Apart from the shapes and sizes, their easy availability online makes it a go-to accessory.

In addition to this, the best sunglasses for men and women aid with the following:

  • Total glare protection
  • Improved and undisturbed vision
  • Boost in style and confidence

Seeing the list of advantages increasing with time, brands have rightly understood that they need to step up their game to increase their number of ‘Happy Customers’. This means innovating new styles, patterns, and colors that are trendy, unique, and irresistible. Besides multiple brands in the market, Irus sunglasses from the house of IDEE serve as a wise purchase. Being a brand that designs the best sunglasses to fit your personality, these sunglasses fit just well in every style-drobe possible. With changing times we all look to keep upgrading our accessories to match our sense of clothing. And IDEE looks to tick all your boxes with ease. Still, wondering which pair fits the mark? Well, not anymore! We’ve curated a list of the top 3 Irus Sunglasses that can be an instant add-to-cart accessory. 

Top 3 Irus Sunglasses

Irus 1242 Oval Sunglasses: Trendy, classy, and unique. This pair of sunglasses for women is a game changer. It has a unique shape and color scheme that can go well with any attire you own. Plus, it's also 100% UV resistant to keep you protected at all times.

Irus 1260 Square Sunglasses: A stylish pair that helps you steal the spotlight. This pair of sunglasses for men has a shape that can go well with most face types. Additionally, its color scheme is distinctive enough giving it the look that steals everyone’s attention.

Irus 1258 Square Sunglasses: Need a pair that defines effortless styling at its best? This pair is just the one you need. Inspired by the heroic style of Kartik Aaryan, this pair of Irus sunglasses is a showstopper for sure.  Be ahead of the trend and boost your style game with this pair. 

irus products

Choose Stylish. Choose IRUS

New-age fashion never fails to impress us. And so doesn’t Irus. With their range of unique and stylish Irus sunglasses, it's time to upgrade your style-drobe and go all out on never-seen-before fashion accessories.

These top 3 pairs from IRUS are not only their best-sellers, but give you every reason to stand out of the crowd. So choose stylish, choose Irus, and steal the spotlight today.

November 23, 2023 — Media Team