The world of fashion is very dynamic and fast-paced. Newer trends make an entrance every now and then making waves in the industry. This brings with it mixed reactions, especially with the ones who are not that fashion-frenzy. Nonetheless, Gen-Zs and millennials on the other hand are seen to digest these trends easily and welcome newer fashion accessories to look dapper throughout. Accessories that not only make their everyday look even better, but cooler. Here’s where branded glasses in India frame things up. 

There’s no doubt that the Gen-Zs are making waves in the fashion industry. These fashion lovers are known to be independent, thrifty, and more fashion-conscious than others. These fashion lovers change the way they see eyewear as a whole. 

Being an accessory that assists with clearer vision, they have made it a much more coloer concept keeping in mind the fashionable branded glasses online 

Sunglasses- Perfect College Wear Accessory?

College time directly resonates with styling at its best to grab other’s attention with ease. As much as clothing assists with making you look chic and trendy, Idee sunglasses for men add to style without being too heavy on the pocket.

In addition to being affordable, their versatility also goes unquestioned. If you’re looking for a daily wear pair, you can choose one that’s basic and fits your style. If you’re an athlete or sports freak, a polarized pair can be a good choice keeping your needs in mind. In addition to this, there are plentiful frame shapes that go well with your face as well as your OOTD.

Successful in ticking all the boxes, many think that any and every pair would make you a hero among the crowd. As contradictory as this point may be, there’s still a way to make things right.

Here’s a guide to making a Bollywood-style entry in college, courtesy of the best IRUS Sunglasses.

irus sunglasses

Guide to Elevate Your College Fashion

With new-age fashion being a necessity, trendy sunglasses can be the perfect accessory to put on and stand out on campus. 

Each of these looks is distinct and uniquely crafted to match your clothing sense and preference. Here’s all you need to know.

Sporty Look and Feel- College is all about making the most of your styling sense.  Especially when it comes to extracurricular activities and sports schedules, keeping the essence of sports alive, sporty frames for men and women are the ideal choice. For eg- IRUS 1202 Flier Sunglasses and 1116 Square Sunglasses offer the perfect sporty look that keeps style and UV protection in the frame. These frames keep your interest in sports fashion alive without compromising too much on your daily activities.

Traditional yet Modern- New-age fashion is fabulous. But at times, we all like to go old school. Going down memory lane and settling for a traditional outfit alters the route from modern to oh-so-traditional. 

To the days when you look to bring out the old-school hero in you, Idee cat-eye sunglasses for women can complement your desi side with ease. Giving out a retro charm with a special touch, putting on this frame allows you to take the perfect selfie and BFF moment that stays forever young. IRUS 1203 Cateye sunglasses and Irus 1158 square sunglasses can be a choice you can consider. 

Keep it Casual- When it comes to college life, we know every day will not be the same. There will be days that are lethargic, where you feel laid back. This calls for casual attire that strikes the balance between being too formal and casual. 

Baggy clothes and jeans are every millennial’s fav. But the right accessories is what completes the look. Idee sunglasses try to become that one missing ingredient to an all-so-casual OOTD. IRUS 1192 square sunglasses and IRUS 1030 Rectangular Unisex Blade Model are the ones that keep that casual look intact. Having the perfect shapes that fit well with any and every face, their colors are such that one can’t easily say no to them. 

Geeky Look and Feel- Talking of sunglass shapes, square, rectangular, and oval shapes are good. But, have you ever tried a round frame that keeps the coolness intact? IRUS 1050 round sunglasses from Idee offer the contemporary look that you’ve always wished for. 

From being studious to being the style guru among all, this frame leaves behind nothing but a long-lasting impression. Be it ethnic, casual, or even formal wear, this fits well with whatever you feel fits best. 

Perfect Balance- Style isn’t about just following trends. It's about making your attire create a trend. A mix and match of old and new styles helps create something unique that might meet the eyes of many. For eg- style a casual kurta with a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers or a formal shirt with joggers, these unusual combinations are the ones that actually steal the spotlight. 

To complement this, IRUS S1097 Oval Unisex Sunglasses come with a crystal clear frame that blends well with any attire you put on. Being seamless and versatile, this frame is set to make college fashion a lot cooler. 

Irus sunglasses

Idee Irus Sunglasses- Be College Ready

College time is all about making the best impression on others. While your attire speaks for itself, the best-branded eyeglasses online add the right finishing touch to it.

New-age fashion will keep changing and evolving with time, but what stays constant is your need for a good pair of trendy IRUS sunglasses from Idee. So frame your fashion sense to reality and make coolness your Idee.

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