IDEE is a stunning, trendy range of world class quality, great value Frames and Sunglasses for someone like you. To match your style and look. And reflect your spirit to win in the game of life.  We call this See Through. Because you See Through life to go where you want.

IRUS is undoubtedly the stylish new kid on the block. The brand resonates with the youth and is a hot favourite of the college kids. Fresh designs, bold shades, flamboyant style and east on the pocket is what they can easily relate to The brand was designed for a young target, from 15 to 25 years of age, whose fashion trends represent the main reference for creating the collections: "aggressive", sporty, glamorous and yet other kinds of models have followed one another during the 3 years of uninterrupted production, rewriting the way of living and wearing both eyeglasses and sunglasses. “Irus is the new trendsetter when it comes to young eye fashion”

Image with its Impeccable finish, sleek designs & state of the art quality define the brand. Created to portray the mature and urbane look, Image Eyewear underlines sophistication and refinement. Discerning gentlemen and ladies who want to showcase class and elegance can do no better than pick from the wide range “Fashion comes and goes, but Style is forever. For those who live a classic lifestyle, there is Image Eyewear”