The world of fashion always seeks ways to welcome something new. With the fashion realm constantly evolving, every single accessory plays a major role. Be it one that’s worn daily to one taken out on special occasions, it ought to be of the best quality possible.

There has been a constant change in trends leading to millennials choosing to upgrade their wardrobes. Of the many accessories available, branded sunglasses online have been a revolution in the fashion industry. Considered to be more than a fashion accessory, these are important when it comes to safeguarding your eyes and boosting your taste in style.

As fancy as these may be, their significance can never go unnoticed. The best-branded sunglasses don’t overshadow its importance but keep it very much in sight. The definition of a good pair comes from its ability to keep UVA and UVB rays at bay. Apart from giving your overall look a boost, protecting them is now just a blink away. Here’s how. 

UV-Protected Sunglasses

UV Protection Sunglasses- Useful or Not?

At some point in the day, we all indulge in heading outdoors for some work or the other. Be it regular office visits or handling chores, these activities can never be ignored. So can’t our eyes with harmful UV rays hitting right on them.

A good pair of UV-protected sunglasses shields your eyes from these rays in the long run. Being exposed to too much sunlight and harmful rays may cause your eyelids to contract melanoma. In addition to this, those who are engaged in constant outdoor activities have higher chances of witnessing early signs of cataract.

In addition to this, there have been several myths relative to the usage of these pairs. Most markets tend to offer darker shades over lighter and reflective ones. Individuals are under the impression that darker shades come with better protection. As much as these tints aid with eye protection, some multiple shades and lenses aid with keeping harmful UV rays at bay.

After listing the advantages of these Idee sunglasses every brand ensures to deliver the best quality frames at the best price possible. Coming up with newer and better designs that catch the eye, these frames offer the best protection to ensure your eyes are safe at all times.

Of the many branded sunglass brands in the market, Idee sunglasses prove to top the market with its new-age fashion eyewear. Coming in with 100% UV protection, these frames are a great addition to your eyewear collection.

Apart from being spoilt for choice, one may find it challenging to pick out a pair that’s exactly 100% UV-protected. Apart from multiple claims overhauling the market, here’s how you can understand the authenticity of your pair.

Brands using UV400 lenses tend to protect your eyes from both UV-A and UV-B rays and claim to have 100% UV Protection labeled on their frames. These offer complete protection as well as help distant the hot summer heat.

By visiting any of your nearest Idee stores you can easily check the authenticity of the pair with the help of a UV meter. Most polarised and blue-light coating lenses are UV400 lenses with over 100% protection.

With multiple options at your disposal, here are some of the top branded sunglasses online. 

idee uv glasses

Best UV-protected sunglasses

Here are some of the best Idee UV-protected frames that you can use to fit your style perfectly. 

1- Idee-2500 Flier Unisex Sunglasses: This frame isn’t just loved universally, it's also known for being everyone’s favorite for all the good reasons. Aviators are those frames that need no reason to steal the spotlight. Having the ability to steal one’s attention this pair of Idee sunglasses do just that. 

Showcasing solid build quality with an attractive colored lens, this pair can be worn with any colored attire. From formals to weekend casuals, put on this pair to keep your eyes protected and style one step forward.

2- Idee- 2805 Square Sunglasses: In eyewear, shapes do play a major role. From fitting your face perfectly to covering your eyes from harmful UV rays, these frames don’t overshadow the fact that they can be a good pick.

Offering maximum eye-coverage this shade can be the perfect pair for a hot sunny day. For those women who love family gatherings and parties with their BFFs, this pair has a high chance of being photo-friendly.

3- Idee S2921 Rectangular Sunglasses: Looking for a frame that fits almost every face shape? Well, Idee has just that pair in store for you. This pair of rectangular sunglasses for men has the right shape and color that gives out a professional and sophisticated look.

Coming with 3 different shades you can pick the one that fits your taste and wardrobe. Time to put this frame’s styling to the test and slide on the best rectangular frames from Idee.

idee spects

With the weather changes happening of late, the warm summer heat is never left unnoticed. As unpleasant as it may be while heading out, the best-branded sunglasses make it a lot easier. Idee brings to you a wide range of branded sunglasses for men and women both

Coming in with plentiful options to choose from, these showcase good build and complete protection for your eyes. Not to forget the style boost that it seamlessly brings to the table. So if you’re looking at purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, check out Idee’s latest collection and be outdoor-ready today.

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