Fashion is a common phenomenon that binds people together. Seeing this industry’s evolution, newer businesses take one step extra to upgrade their offerings. Designer rings, watches, shoes, and clothing are not just a fashion statement but a medium to call oneself a fashion icon. Over the past few years, newer industries have entered this broad market to position themselves at par with others. The eyewear industry is one of them.

As of today, there are multiple eyewear brands in the market. Each of them offers a varied collection of the latest spectacle frames that change your perception of how you look today. The easier this may sound, the more complex it is. Here’s why.

One frame. Multiple Possibilities

There’s a common phenomenon that reads- Who do you want to be today? This phenomenon is justified by keeping innumerable facial features and characteristics. Every small detail is taken into account to ensure the latest spectacle frames add glamour to your face. 

This task sounds easy but with multiple eyewear brands, it becomes challenging to choose one brand or style over others. To make things easier, here’s a clear run-through on how to choose the ideal eyewear for yourself.  

Finding Your Ideal IDEE Eyewear Pair: A Simple 5-Step Guide

5 Steps to Getting the Perfect Frame

  • Shape of you: Did you know your face shape plays a huge role in determining the best sunglass frames? The perfect face shape not only narrows down your choice but makes styling more seamless. 

If you’re looking at understanding your perfect face shape, it's actually not as complex as it looks. Here are the steps you need to follow

  • Stand in front of the mirror. Make sure you’re completely in line with the mirror to ensure accurate measurement
  • With the help of an eraser try to trace your face. Once done retrace the same on a paper
  • Once done try and match your tracing with the face shapes being square, circle, heart, diamond, and oval.
  • Frame it up: After rightly understanding your face shape, the next step is a lot more interesting. It is picking the best spectacle frames. A mix and match of face shapes and eyewear is what new-age styling is all about.

Here’s how you can match your face shape with the right eyewear for men and women.

  • Round faces generally work best with square or rectangular frames
  • Square faces fit best with oval and round sunglasses and eyewear frames
  • Diamond-shaped faces work best with oval and round frames
  • Heart-shaped faces with square and cat-eye frames
  • Last, but not least, oval-shaped faces with round, rectangle, and square respectively
  • Know your Skin Tone: It's impossible that every human being has the same skin tone. Every single one of us is different. And, this is where Idee frames take the win. For every individual with different skin tones, there’s a color that falls under the spectrum. 
The right color spectacle gives you the confidence to wear it throughout and gives your eyes the care and support they need. 
  • Style it up: New fashion trends step foot into the industry every now and then. It brings with it endless reasons to keep switching up your style game for that trendy makeover. 
Idee as a brand is gladly in sync with the latest eyewear trends happening around. The efforts to bring newness to the table are transformed into multiple styles that you might find hard to take off your face. From over-the-top styles to just ‘keeping it simple’, the right shape and style grab the attention in an instant. 
  • Be in sync with your needs: Lifestyle is a key component in determining the perfect spectacle frame for men and women. While all our lifestyles differ from one another, style is what binds us together. 
Whether you’re a teacher, a college student, or an athlete, your activity determines the kind of frame you need. This narrows down your choice of purchase making your frame slide in well with your daily day-to-day styling. 

Frame Styling Needs? Choose Idee

With just 5 easy steps, the best spectacle frames can now just be an accessory, but more. With every question ticked off the list, eyewear also joins the road to effortless styling. Idee- a brand that understands the altering needs of customers takes every step to deliver the promise of quality eyewear for all. 

With their variety of colors and designs, Idee tries to ensure all eyes are on you. So visit the Idee website or your nearest store and make your face look spectacular.